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To my brethren in Christ,

After a rather lengthy hiatus, Printed BCP Ordo Calendars are once again being offered for sale by CommonPrayer.org. Here's the story:

As some of you are aware, I (the CommonPrayer webmaster/publisher) have mentioned in the past that I have had to deal with several serious health issues. Late in 2017, my symptoms got much worse, and I was unable to finish processing a number of Ordo calendar orders I had received. That resulted in problems for you as customers, and the paperwork I needed to resolve those problems was misplaced in the confusion while I was unable to handle matters myself. I apologize deeply for that; it should not have happened, and is entirely my fault. It will not happen again.

It's taken a long time, but I have gradually recovered, and am now able to once again offer Ordo Calendars for sale for the upcoming year, 2022. Because of the problems which occurred in the past, there will be changes in the way orders are processed. Orders will not be accepted via PayPal, nor will postal mailed orders need to include payment. To obtain calendars, all that's necessary is to email/ postal mail the form on the ordering page with your name, shipping address, and the number of calendars desired. The calendars will be shipped to you along with an invoice; when you receive your calendars, you can remit payment either via PayPal or postal mail; detailed remittance information will be included on the invoice. This ensures that customers are not putting their money "at risk" by making payment before receiving their merchandise. If have an order larger than those with prices listed on the ordering page, you can email or postal mail an inquiry to get a quote for the full price of calendars and shipping; discounts are still offered on large orders.

Thanks to a quirk in technology, the price of the calendars will actually be LESS than it has been in previous years. The cost of supplies for the LaserJet printers used has fallen dramatically, since the printers are more than 10 years outdated, and toner for them is only available from after-market suppliers - who charge less than 40% of what the printer manufacturer used to charge. The savings are gladly passed along to you folks!

I hope to get orders from many readers and previous customers, but if you've become used to alternate sources, or prefer not to order from CommonPrayer.org, I can certainly understand. If you have any questions about the calendars, please email me for explanations/answers.

Again, my sincere apologies for having failed to provide proper service, and "falling down on the job". I feel most fortunate to have recovered, and am looking forward to providing what I hope is a useful service to those who love the 1928 Book of Common Prayer as much as I do.

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Fr. Jay Matthews, Webmaster

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