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Printed Ordo Calendars

* * Ordering for 2022 Ordo Calendars is now open * *
Please see the Webmaster's Message to Readers/Customers for information on the hiatus of Printed Calendars.

Printed copies of the 2022 Ordo Calendar as seen on the website are now available for purchase.

They are typical calendar size, 8-1/2"W by 14"H overall, with one month to a page; printed on 24 pound paper using a color laserjet printer, with a minimum 80 pound cardstock backer page. The information included is based on that in our online Ordo Calendar, featuring the Holy/Saints Days from the 1928 BCP, with appropriate liturgical colors. Additional Feasts/Observances from "Lesser Feasts and Fasts (1963)" and "The Anglican Missal" are shown as optional notes. Information on options used in Morning and Evening Prayer (Sentences of Scripture, introductions to the "Venite", presence of a seasonal collect, etc.) is also listed.

  + Here +     is sample of the calendar in .PDF format.

Please Note: This is a calendar based on the "1928 Book of Common Prayer" Calendar, with
supplemental Anglo-Catholic notes - NOT an "Anglican Missal" or 1979 BCP Calendar.

Pricing starts at $5.00 per calendar, with postage starting at $2.00 for one calendar. For orders of more than 5 copies, Quantity Discounts are available.

Full information regarding pricing,
shipping and terms of sale may be
found on the Ordering Page.

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