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About our Alternate 'Mirror' Website

As part of the support and development process for the website, another independent website was set up to allow a place to test changes in files and software without interruption to the primary site. Over time, unavoidable interruptions in service to the primary website due to web server outages have made it clear that a backup website would be useful. Since the alternate website already exists, it has been designated as a 'mirror' site for use in case the primary site becomes unavailable.

Please note that the 'mirror' site is NOT normally functional. At any given time it may have been a while since the files were maintained, or it may be in use for testing updates. The only times that the mirror site is fully enabled is when the primary site is out of service. There may be a delay between when the primary site goes down and the mirror site is enabled, since any outdated or test files need to be replaced with the current operating versions.

Please bookmark the mirror site address for use in case the main website is out of service:

If you are unable to access the primary website for more than 12 hours, then use the mirror site. Please remember that all e-mail goes through the servers for the primary website, so any messages sent while it is down won't be delivered. (That's one of the biggest problems - you can't send a message to inform us that the site is down, because when it's down your messages don't get through. And e-mail on the alternate site isn't normally monitored; there are just too many accounts and mailboxes to watch everything all the time. A wonderful example of "Catch-22"!)

Although web servers are generally very reliable, experience has shown that interruptions can and do happen, and that the best solution is to have a mirror site available. Please be sure to add the address for ours to the same section of your bookmarks as, so that you'll always have access to the Daily Offices.

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