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About is an independent, private ministry which was founded to assist those who use the 1928 Book of Common Prayer (BCP) for their daily devotions by providing the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer with the appropriate psalms, scripture readings and collects incorporated into the text, eliminating the need to flip pages and alternate between a BCP and Bible. Other features related to daily prayer, the liturgical year, and reference materials have been developed and added over time is not affiliated with or sponsored by any parish, diocese, jurisdiction, province, or other ecclesiastical body. This website is strictly a source of materials related to the 1928 BCP; it does not engage in ecclesiastical politics, editorializing, or taking positions on various church issues. This is a place to come and pray, and to find answers to questions about the 1928 BCP. Everyone is welcome, whatever their background or beliefs may be. There is no advertising, and donations for support are neither requested or accepted, to insure complete freedom from outside influences.

Although the 1928 BCP is the primary source for materials on this website, there are also items based on what is commonly called "Anglo-Catholic" traditions. When an item is not taken from the 1928 BCP, it is clearly identified as such.

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